TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (2024)

TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (1)
TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (2)🔥 The first savings aligned with the Paris Agreement› See the offer
TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (3)
TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (4)🔥 Up to €350 premium equivalent to reimbursed management fees› See the offer

Managing your savings without going through a bank is possible thanks to robo-advisors. These are specialized platforms that allow you to administer, online and in an automated manner, a portfolio of financial products.Here is a comparison of the 8 best robo-advisors, also called in France investment advisor robots or financial advisor robots.


  1. Goodvest
  2. Bad
  3. Ramify
  4. My Little Investment
  5. Also
  6. WeSave
  7. Advice
  8. Birdee
  9. Definition of a robo-advisor
  10. Yomoni or Nalo: which French robo-advisor to choose?


TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (5)

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Goodvest is a promoter of responsible savings. It offers a “green” answer to saving and allows its customers to invest to build a sustainable world. Indeed, it is the only one that fully respects the Paris Agreement. Its products take into account compliance with the limit of 2°C maximum by 2100 for global warming.

All of the portfolios that the platform offers are in the form of life insurance and made up of ETF units of account. Management is personalized and managed by a team of experts.

Goodvest is certified as a Financial Investment Advisor (CIF) by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and its activity is regulated by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR). Also, fintech is registered with the Organization for the Single Register of Intermediaries in Insurance, Banking and Finance (ORIAS).


TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (6)

Goodvest is a simple platform that is aimed at all profiles. When subscribing, a form is completed to identify the risk acceptable to the customer.

The investment options are diversified with themes to choose from (health, green energies, energy transition, etc.). They are accentuated by the investment strategy via trackers (ETF).

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✅ Savings are available within 72 hours if you wish to withdraw them.

✅ Goodvest does not charge any opening, deposit or withdrawal or closing fees.

✅ Opting for Goodvest means opting for citizen savings with values.


❌ Goodvest only offers funds based on ESG criteria

❌ A mobile application has not yet been launched.


At Goodvest,management costs between 1.65% and 1.90%depending on the type of profile, all costs included. On average, fund management fees are 0.25%, the insurer's remuneration is 0.60% and Goodvest charges 0.90% management fees (this is also its only remuneration) .

Who is behind Goodvest?

Goodvest is a French start-up whose concept was imagined at the end of confinement, by Joseph Choueifaty and Antoine Bénéteau.

The latter have given themselves the mission of taking action to combat global warming through responsible and environmentally conscious savings. The platform notably excludes investments in fossil fuels, armaments, tobacco, in short, all highly polluting sectors.

Goodvest review

Goodvest finds its audience who share its values ​​and appreciate its innovative and ethical side. The platform is simple and accessible according to customers. On Trustpilot, it received a score of 4.7 out of 5 and on Google, a score of 4.8 out of 5.

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TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (7)


Yomoni offers an accessible and personalized delegated portfolio management service. It provides its clients with the expertise of its advisors whose strategic decisions help maximize portfolio returns.

You have the freedom to consult the composition of your portfolio at any time, in your client area, and to receive a management report. Yomoni's main products are life insurance, the PEA (Share Savings Plan), the Retirement Savings Plan (PER) and the securities account.

The Portfolio Management Company behind Yomoni is approved by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR). The robo-advisor is subject to verification by the Financial Markets Authority which must, in particular, validate all its transactions.


TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (8)

Yomoni offers a simulation to determine your profile based on your projects. He is able to identify your needs and offer you a suitable portfolio. The choice of savings product is made online in a few minutes. The amount of the initial payment, i.e. the entry ticket, is €1,000.

Then, during management by mandate, the platform works to generate income from your investment with its management teams. With this in mind, it uses its expertise in ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) which are investment funds for transferable securities whose shares listed on the stock exchange are traded like shares.

They allow you to diversify your portfolio while benefiting from lower fees compared to traditional funds. The portfolio is constantly monitored in order to be able to carry out, if necessary, allocation and rebalancing operations.


✅ A welcome bonus of €350 is offered to the customer upon subscribing to any new contract, as well as a sum of €150 to the sponsor. This is one of the best loyalty offers on the market.

✅ Customer service is accessible and easy to reach.

✅ Clarity and speed of the subscription process, with low management costs.

✅ The platform does not require any arbitration, filing, payment or exit fees.


❌ Yomoni does not offer a capitalization contract.

❌ The platform is not available in mobile application format.

❌ At Yomoni, it is not possible to manage several projects within the framework of the same life insurance contract. Any change of profile requires opening a new contract.


Rates are 1.6% maximumwith all fees included: management fees (0.7), envelope fees (0.6%) and support fees (0.3%), when the average fees for private managers are 3.6%.

Who is behind Yomoni?

Yomoni was launched by Mourtaza Asad-Syed, Guillaume Yribarren and Laurent Girard, with the aim of facilitating long-term wealth management, in France and entirely online. The platform has more than 31,000 customers and manages 687 million euros in outstandings. Its headquarters are in Paris with Sébastien d’Ornano as executive president.

Avis Bad

Yomoni receives generally positive reviews. The robo-advisor has a score of 4.5/5 on the consumer review website Trustpilot and has earned a 4.3 star rating on Google.

Customers note, among other things, the speed and ease of subscription, the performance of life insurance, as well as the flexibility of the products.

3️⃣ Ramify

TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (9)


Ramify offers investment solutions guided by research for long-term performance, via life insurance or a PER. To aim for high performance, the company combines listed and unlisted stocks (ETFs), bonds (ETFs) and real estate.


TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (10)

Ramify is an innovative platform that is aimed at different profiles. So, depending on your investment “style”, you can opt for a conservative, moderate or aggressive profile. Your portfolio will be built accordingly. You will then be able to modify your risk profile.


  • Actions: 48,4 %
  • SCPI: 40 %
  • Obligations: 11,6 %


  • Actions: 67,3 %
  • SCPI: 22,7 %
  • Obligations: 10 %


  • Actions: 74,1 %
  • SCPI: 15,9 %
  • Obligations: 10 %


✅ The diversification offered is tailor-made for each client.

✅ The different assets constituting the portfolio help reduce risks.

✅ PER and Life Insurance also allow tax optimization.


❌ Absenceof euro funds on life insurance which could have provided more security.


At Ramify, management fees are reduced. They are only 1%. Investments are free of charge, as long as you pay at least €100 per month.

Who is behind Ramify?

This young company is led by Olivier, a former employee of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and by Samy, a defector from Oliver Wyman, a consulting firm specializing in the financial industry.

Their desire is to implement a savings strategy to increase returns, pay fewer fees than with a traditional bank, and aimed at everyone, with a focus on financial education.

Avis Ramify

He is a newcomer in the sector, but has solid arguments to make. We particularly like this possibility of being able to transfer your Retirement Savings Plan (if it already exists elsewhere) without this having a cost, since the transfer costs are covered by Ramify.

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4️⃣My Little Investment

TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (11)

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Mon Petit Placement is a fintech that offers personalized support for portfolio management thanks to video advice. It provides experts with whom customers can communicate via live chat. The client controls his management and develops his own investment strategy.

Mon Petit Placement allows you to subscribe to savings products such as life insurance and UCITS (Collective Investment Organization in Transferable Securities) via 4 main types of portfolio:

➡️Voluntary: minimal risk, stable growth.

➡️Energetic: moderate risk and growth.

➡️Ambitious: substantial risk, attractive performance.

➡️Intrepid: very high risk, high long-term profitability.

The robo-advisor is regulated by the CIF (Financial Investment Advisor), the COA (Insurance Operations Broker), the MIA (Insurance Intermediary Agent), and the IOBSP (Banking Operations and Service Intermediary of payment).


TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (12)

Unlike other robo-advisors, Mon Petit Placement does not use an algorithm for its investment advice and instead relies on its completely digital support service.

The platform offers a profiling questionnaire to determine your saver profile in order to offer a suitable portfolio of assets. The client has the freedom to accept the proposal or opt for another portfolio.

By starting an investment, you can subscribe to one of the 2 contracts offered which are Liberalys Vie, insured by Apicil with a minimum capital of €1,000, and Mon Petit Placement Vie which is, for its part, insured by Generali Vie with a minimum capital of €300.

› See the offer


✅ Mon Petit Placement is remunerated with a commission assimilated solely to the performance of the investment. It can therefore only be taken from a gain, from the largest amount reached in the past.

✅ Product opening, deposits, withdrawals and arbitration operations are all free.

✅ The platform is accessible via a powerful mobile application.


❌ Mon Petit Placement only offers its partner contracts.

❌ The youth of the platform prevents a long-term global vision.


Management fees range from 0.5 to 1.2%depending on the remuneration of the insurer who manages your assets and that of the management companies. The performance commission charged can vary between 5% and 25% of the capital gain depending on the amounts invested.

Who is behind Mon Petit Placement?

Founded by Thomas Perret and Margaux Belhade, the Lyon-based robo-advisor Mon Petit Placement was launched in 2020. The application is today used by thousands of users while the start-up employs around forty employees.

My Little Investment Review

The solution benefits from very good reviews from its various users. On Trustpilot, its rating is 4.8/5. Customer service and support are particularly appreciated.


TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (13)

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Nalo is a robo-advisor that offers delegated management based on its clients' projectsand performance-oriented. The financial investment advisor's only flagship product is life insurance. The latter is multi-support and entirely personalized.

Nalo supports its customers and provides them with efficient customer service. Note that the platform is regulated by the AMF and is a member of ANACOFI (NAtional Association of Financial Advisors).


TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (14)

For Nalo, knowing the nature of the investment and having an estimate of the lifespan of the investment allows performance to be optimized. If the client cannot yet identify their needs before subscribing to a contract, Nalo provides them with a wealth management advisor for an exchange. This can be done by telephone or during a physical meeting.

The robo-advisor offers a simulation to identify an investment solution adapted to the user's needs and situation. As soon as the simulation is validated, we proceed with the subscription which is done in a few minutes. The minimum subscription amount is €1,000.

This is a direct debit by bank card which is operated by its partner Generali, who also holds the money. Nalo only takes care of the investment strategy. The platform manages investment by diversifying the portfolio using ETFs. It rebalances when markets become volatile.

› See the offer


✅ Nalo has an unlimited quota of projects for the same life insurance contract, which facilitates reallocations when you change projects.

✅ The platform has a sponsorship system through which the virtual advisor can offer up to €500 bonus per referral.

✅ The management method ensures progressive security of investments.

✅ Nalo does not charge entry or exit fees or arbitrage fees.

✅ Savings are available within 72 hours upon simple request.


❌ Nalo only offers its partner contracts.

❌ Tax envelopes are limited.

❌ The robo-advisor does not yet offer a mobile application.


Nalo fees range between 0.85% and 1.65% per year, depending on the profile of the investment portfolio. The management fees are nevertheless 0.85%

Who is behind Nalo?

Nalo was launched by Guillaume Piard and Hugo Bompard to offer a savings management formula that is less expensive, more transparent and of better quality. Management is carried out by a team of finance and investment experts. The start-up has Numa Jequier as its general director.

Avis Nalo

Reviews on the robo-advisor are generally very positive. The quality of service and responsiveness are highlighted by users. They gave Nalo a 5/5 rating on Google based on an average of 300 reviews. On Trustpilot, Nalo scores 4.2/5.

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TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (15)


WeSave offers delegated investment management,but also wealth management advice. 2 types of contracts are available: capitalization and life insurance, with more than 60 units of account and 5 risk profiles. It is approved by the AMF.


WeSave offers a hybrid model that alternates between algorithms and human management based on the experience of its teams of experts. Depending on the client's profile, the robo-advisor makes diversified investments which take into account the accepted level of risk.

WeSave uses trackers, or ETFs, to optimize diversification and offers units of account that clients can benefit from as part of WeSave Patrimoine. These are subject to market fluctuations, as well as the risks that accompany them. The minimum subscription is set at €300.

The WeSave team does not manage wallets individually due to the large number of clients. It opts instead for so-called profiled management. The profile is determined using a simulation and an asset assessment. However, you are free to modify it as you wish.

So how does profiled management work? Concretely, there are 10 types of profiles: profile 1 is the most defensive, while profile 10, on the contrary, is the most aggressive. Each client determines their balance to choose their profile. Note that it can evolve over time when the projects are suitable.


✅ WeSave offers both free and managed management.

✅ No entry, filing, arbitration or payment fees.

✅ There is a possibility of redeeming the life insurance contract and recovering part of the invested capital.


❌ WeSave only offers its partner contracts.

❌ No welcome offer is available on the platform.


WeSave fees are 1.6% per year. This includes management fees which amount annually to around 0.6%, between 0.2 and 0.3% for fees on invested ETFs and 0.7% for management fees under mandate.

Who is behind WeSave?

The fintech was launched by Jonathan Herscovici and Zakaria Laguel, respectively a graduate of a master 2 in asset management and a business school and an engineer in applied mathematics, finance and computer science. The founders aimed to reinvent wealth management while using the most advanced technologies.

The company employs around twenty employees to carry out commercial functions, management, IT development and wealth advice.

WeSave Review

The support and monitoring provided by WeSave are the positive points generally highlighted. On Trustpilot, users give the platform a rating of 3.4/5.


TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (16)


Advize offers 2 management modes to its users. These are managed management and free management. For those who choose free management, Avize provides them with recommendations and advice which are provided by the asset management company Morningstar and which they can follow or not.

The Advize offer is mainly a life insurance contract which can be of two types: Eurossima and Netissima.


Advize offers a questionnaire to determine your profile and especially your risk tolerance. There are 5 types of profiles which go increasingly from the least risky to the most risky. We therefore have in order: the cautious profile, the moderate profile, the balanced profile, the dynamic profile and the bold profile.

After profiling, a preliminary allocation proposal for the portfolio is submitted. At Advize, you can invest in euro funds or in unit of account (more than 60 units available). The robo-advisor analyzes how the markets are evolving and sends alert messages to users.

Every Friday, Advize sends a personalized report on the evolution of the portfolio, as well as advice and recommendations from Morningstar. However, the wallet status can be viewed on the client interface at any time. Note that Eurossima is accessible from €500, while Netissima requires an investment cost of €30,000.


✅ The alert system is innovative and allows an excellent level of responsiveness when opportunities arise on the market.

✅ The platform does not take payment, arbitration or file fees.


❌ Advize only offers its partner contracts.

❌ No welcome offer is available on the platform.

❌ Limited number of EFT proposals.


The annual fees that Advize charges are broken down as follows:Eurossima’s euro fund fees are 0.60%, Netissima’s fees are 0.75%. As for the costs of the portion invested in units of account, they are 0.85%.

Who is behind Advize?

The Advize robo-advisor was created by Nicolas Marchandise and Thomas Morand. The initiative was born from the desire to offer individuals a simple life insurance product, while accompanying it with personalized monitoring.

Notice Advice

Advize’s innovative customer experience is generally praised. The platform received a rating of 3.3/5 from readers of the Savings Guide.

8️⃣ Birdee

TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (17)


The Birdee platform offering allows you to delegate the management of life insurance or a “securities” account. Birdee offers the following 5 portfolios: protective, moderate, stable, dynamic and defensive.

These portfolios are combined with 3 different themes: the moderate Real Estate, the moderate Biotechnology and the moderate SME and Small Caps.

Users can access their investments and valuations at any time. The same applies to deposits, withdrawals, as well as all data and reports made available. Birdee is approved by the Financial Sector Surveillance Commission and the Insurance Commission.


The process starts with registration on the Birdee online platform. The user is then subjected to a 5-step questionnaire which allows them to know the investors' expectations and level of market knowledge. Next, the risk profile is defined.

Portfolio proposals follow. The robo-advisor also offers the possibility of testing the performance of portfolios with a simulator. Then, the client has the choice between one or more portfolios and choose the amount they want to invest.

From this moment on, Birdee takes charge of the daily management of savings and arbitrages in order to generate added value thanks, among other things, to investments in ETFs.


✅ A simple and complete web and mobile application.

✅ Investment is available from €50.

✅ Very little cost.


❌ Birdee is governed by Luxembourg financial law.

❌ The platform does not take high risk.


At Birdee,the rates are fixed, i.e. 1% per year, and they are deducted every three months based on the deposits made into the account. The fees that are linked to index funds are 0.3%.

Who is behind Birdee?

Birdee was founded by Geoffroy de Schrevel. When it was created, it was owned by the Belgian investment advisory company Gambit Financial Solutions. But the same year, the platform was bought by BNP Paribas which thus became a shareholder. The latter also makes its experts available to Birdee. Its headquarters is based in Luxembourg.

Avis Birdee

The company has a 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot. Users note, among other things, its autonomy as a quality.

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Definition of a robo-advisor

TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (18)

The expression is a combination of the prefix “Robo” (which here in the practical sense represents an algorithm) and “Advisor” which means “Advisor”. It designates the platforms which offer financial advice for the management of savings, or take care of it themselves according to the proposed formula. A robo-advisor guides the investment strategy according to the user's risk profile and objectives.

Are French robo-advisors reliable?

Most, like Nalo for example, link their activity to insurers, so that the money is never held by them themselves. This is a guarantee in the event of the platform going bankrupt. Thus, in the event of cessation of activity, the contract with the account holder is still valid.

The teams leading the investment strategy are experienced and specialists in the field. Decisions are made following a scientific approach.Platforms are generally subject to regulators such as the AMF.

What criteria to compare robo-advisors?

To compare those available on the market, when considering investing, you must base yourself on several criteria.

It is obviously necessary to make a comparison ofare fresh andthe services offered.

We must then pay attention to thecustomer service,minimum sums required to start the investment and finally atpromotional offers and bonuses offered.

Yomoni or Nalo: which French robo-advisor to choose?

Let's make the comparison by summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of each fintech, because there is no perfect solution.

Points forts

Weak points


  • Possible product types: life insurance, PEA, PER and “securities” account
  • 350 € welcome
  • €150 offered to the sponsor
  • Impossible to manage several projects with the same life insurance contract


  • Unlimited number of projects for the same life insurance contract
  • Up to €500 welcome
  • Progressive security of investments
  • Life insurance only
  • Limited tax envelopes

It is difficult to decide between the 2 platforms, because the types of products differ and one has been around longer than the other. Everything therefore depends on the criteria established by the investor.

As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of the robo-advisor landscape, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article and provide additional insights.

Robo-Advisors Overview:

A robo-advisor is a platform that facilitates the automated, online management of a financial portfolio. These platforms use algorithms and automation to create and manage investment portfolios for users based on their risk tolerance, financial goals, and preferences. In the context of the French article, the following robo-advisors are discussed:

  1. Goodvest:

    • Presentation: Focuses on responsible savings aligned with the Paris Agreement.
    • Functioning: Customized portfolios in the form of life insurance, regulated by financial authorities.
    • Advantages: Quick availability of funds, no opening or withdrawal fees, emphasis on ESG criteria.
    • Disadvantages: Limited to ESG funds, no mobile app yet.
    • Tariffs: Management fees range from 1.65% to 1.90%.
  2. Yomoni:

    • Presentation: Offers delegated portfolio management, including life insurance, PEA, PER, and securities account.
    • Functioning: Simulation to determine investor profile, uses ETFs for diversified portfolios.
    • Advantages: Welcome bonus, accessible customer service, clear and quick subscription process.
    • Disadvantages: No capitalization contract, no mobile app, one project per insurance contract.
    • Tariffs: Fees range up to 1.6%, with all-inclusive costs.
  3. Ramify:

    • Presentation: Focuses on long-term performance through guided investment solutions.
    • Functioning: Innovative platform with conservative, moderate, and aggressive investment profiles.
    • Advantages: Customized diversification, reduced management fees.
    • Disadvantages: Lack of euro funds in life insurance.
    • Tariffs: Management fees at 1%, free investments with monthly deposits of at least €100.
  4. Mon Petit Placement:

    • Presentation: Emphasizes personalized support through video advice, offering life insurance and OPCVM.
    • Functioning: No algorithmic investment advice, digital support.
    • Advantages: Performance-based commission, free operations, accessible via mobile app.
    • Disadvantages: Limited to partner contracts, platform's youth.
    • Tariffs: Management fees range from 0.5% to 1.2%.
  5. Nalo:

    • Presentation: Offers project-based managed life insurance with a focus on performance.
    • Functioning: Simulation-based investment solutions, personalized customer service.
    • Advantages: Unlimited projects, referral bonus, secure investment strategy.
    • Disadvantages: Limited to partner contracts, limited fiscal envelopes, no mobile app.
    • Tariffs: Fees between 0.85% and 1.65%.
  6. WeSave:

    • Presentation: Provides delegated investment management and wealth management advice.
    • Functioning: Hybrid model with algorithmic and human-based management.
    • Advantages: Both free and managed options, no entry or transaction fees.
    • Disadvantages: Limited to partner contracts, no welcome offer.
    • Tariffs: Fixed fees at 1.6% per year.
  7. Advize:

    • Presentation: Offers both managed and self-directed investment modes.
    • Functioning: Uses Morningstar's recommendations, innovative alert system.
    • Advantages: Alert system, no entry or transaction fees.
    • Disadvantages: Limited to partner contracts, no welcome offer, limited ETF proposals.
    • Tariffs: Annual fees vary between 0.6% and 0.75%.
  8. Birdee:

    • Presentation: Delegated management of life insurance and securities account with various portfolios.
    • Functioning: Registration, profiling, and portfolio proposals through a 5-step questionnaire.
    • Advantages: Web and mobile application, low minimum investment.
    • Disadvantages: Subject to Luxembourg financial regulations, conservative risk approach.
    • Tariffs: Fixed 1% per annum, plus 0.3% related to index funds.

Common Evaluation Criteria:

When comparing robo-advisors, investors should consider several factors:

  1. Fees: Evaluate management fees, entry/exit fees, and any additional charges.
  2. Products: Assess the range of financial products offered, such as life insurance, PEA, PER, or securities accounts.
  3. Functionality: Consider ease of use, simulation features, and customization options.
  4. Advantages/Disadvantages: Weigh the pros and cons, including unique features and potential drawbacks.
  5. Customer Reviews: Look at user reviews on platforms like Trustpilot or Google for insights into user experiences.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the platform is regulated by relevant financial authorities to ensure security and compliance.
  7. Innovation: Consider any innovative features, such as alert systems or unique investment strategies.


Choosing between Yomoni and Nalo, or any other robo-advisor, depends on individual preferences, investment goals, and risk tolerance. Investors should carefully assess the features and limitations of each platform, considering their specific financial needs. The robo-advisor landscape is dynamic, with each platform catering to different investor profiles.

TOP 8 Best Robo-Advisors [JANUARY 2024 COMPARATIVE] | Best Bank (2024)


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